Fundraising Tools

Support your fundraising efforts with these simple tips and tools.

Download and edit the poster below. Share the image over social media or share it via email to help spread the word about the fundraising activities (online auctions, bingo, etc.) you may be hosting virtually at your workplace, or with people in your networks.

Social Media Toolkits Want to engage your social networks but not sure where to start? Download our social media toolkit for tips and sample posts!

Fundraising Tips
Not sure where to start? Take a look at our fundraising tips below! During these uncertain times, these are great tips to stay connected to family, friends and coworkers.

  • Virtual Trivia – Create a trivia competition you can run through your internal communication channels. You can charge a fee to participate — the winner receives a prize and all funds raised go to your team. Research topics like sports, entertainment, Canadian history and company history and host a virtual trivia for all your colleagues.

  • Online Auction – Set up an online auction through websites such as, where you can raise money by auctioning off goods and services that can be redeemed at any time. All proceeds can go to your team, or each winner can make a donation to the donors fundraising page!

  • Bingo – Participate in a virtual Bingo by downloading bingo cards online and sharing them with your team. You can charge a small fee to purchase the cards and then set up a 15 minute video chat and call out the numbers each day. The winner will get a prize and all funds will go to your team!